Core Equity Portfolio


The PCA Core Equity Portfolio focuses on identifying companies with secular or cyclical tailwinds that help propel growth within an industry.  We focus on industry-leading companies with competitive advantages that can capitalize on these tailwinds and drive above-market growth.  Disciplined valuation is a critical component to security selection in order to avoid overpaying for future growth potential.  Our focus on industry-leading companies results in a well-diversified portfolio of global corporations that compete in our domestic market, developed international markets, and emerging international markets.  When the right opportunities arise, the portfolio will include small cap and mid cap companies to complement the global multinational corporations.  We manage risk in the portfolio by maintaining sector weightings between 50% and 200% of the S&P 500 sector weightings for the 8 major sectors.  Portfolios typically include 25-30 stocks.

Investment Management

(as of 12/31/21)